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What Documents Are Available From FTC Guardian?

Choose From 3 Basic Compliance Documents To Over 80 Supplemental Compliance Documents in 5 Categories

Website Compliance Documents

For use by a Website Operator in establishing Privacy Policy for a website that is a general audience site, meaning a website that is not directed to children under age 13 (U13s) or teens. Whether a site is directed to U13s or teens is based on the totality of circumstances of a site including subject matter, content, age of models, verbiage, musical content, use of child celebrities or celebrities who appeal to children, and whether ads promoting or appearing on the site or service are directed to U13s or teens.

Parties: Website Operator - Website Operator is the party with the right to operate a website; there are no other parties.

Table of Contents

Basic Compliance Documents

Privacy Policy (General Audience. Retargeting Not Included) Terms of Use Legal Page

*Special Note* If you collect email address, or any other personal information on your website, or do any online advertising or social media ad type posts, YOU do NOT want to use this Basic Privacy Policy. You need to use the Privacy Policy in the Supplemental category.

Supplemental Compliance Documents
Affiliate Disclosure Affiliate Disclosures for Websites [embed] Affiliate Disclosures for Emails, Calls to Action [print] Book Author Notices And Disclaimers Data Security Policy (Print & Store) Website Earnings Disclaimer Forum Use Agreement Linking Agreement (Unilateral – Click) Linking Agreement (Reciprocal -Executed) Linking Agreement (Reciprocal -Confirmed By Email) Mobile App Privacy Policy Opt-in List & Newsletter Notices & Disclaimers
Privacy Policy Retargeting / Advertising Privacy Policy Update Notice Red Flag Identity Theft Policy ROSCA Billing Information Transfer Consent Form ROSCA & Cal. 340 Continuity Plan Acknowledgement ROSCA & Cal. 340 Continuity Plan Change Notice ROSCA & Cal. 340 Continuity Plan Receipt Website Special Disclaimers Website Testimonials and Results Disclosure Web Model Release Agreement (Executed) Website Privacy-Security Agreement
Intellectual Property Documents
Collaboration Agreement (Email) Copyright Assignment - Content (All Rights) Copyright Assignment – Software (All Rights) Copyright Assignment – Software (Joint Ownership) Copywriter Agreement (Email by Client - Print) Domain Name Transfer Agreement Employment Agreement (With IP-Confidentiality) Employment Offer Letter (W/O IP-Confidentiality) IP-NDA Agreement (For Technical Employees, Contractors)
IP-NDA Agreement (Non-Technical Employees, Contractors) Non-Disclosure Agreement (Future Business) Non-Disclosure Agreement (Future Employment) Notebook Computer Bailment Agreement Platform Copyright Assignment Software Acquisition Agreement Web Graphic Design Agreement (Email by Client) Website Ownership Transfer Agreement
Customer Agreements
Consulting Services Agreement (General Purpose) Content License Agreement – end User (Ebooks, Training Material – Click) Hardware Sub-Assembly Manufacturing Agreement SaaS Agreement (Executed) SaaS Agreement (Hybrid) Software Development Agreement (Executed) Software Beta Test Agreement (Click) Software License Agreement (Click-Wrapped) Speaker Confirmation and Information Form Speaker Engagement Agreement
Subcontractor Agreement (Off-Site Work) Technical Support Agreement Web Coaching Services Agreement (Click) Website Content License (Click) Web Copywriter Agreement (Email by Copywriter) Website Development Agreement (Executed) Web Graphic Design Agreement (Email by Designer) Website Hosting Agreement (Executed) Web Marketing Services Agreement (Executed) Website SaaS-Account-Membership Agreement (Click) Website Terms of Sale Agreement (Click)
Channel Marketing Agreements
Advertising Agreement (Executed) Affiliate Marketing Agreement (Click) Affiliate Marketing Agreement (Executed) JV Agreement-Sale of Product/Service (Affiliate Model-Email) JV Agreement-Sale of Product/Service (Reseller Model-Email) Referral Agreement (Executed) SaaS Reseller Agreement (Framing-Executed) SaaS Reseller Agreement (Virtual Server-Executed) SaaS Reseller Agreement (Virtual Desktop-Executed) SaaS Reseller Agreement (Direct Login-Executed) SaaS Reseller Agreement (Software on Reseller Server-Executed)
Software OEM Agreement (Product Packaging) Software OEM Agreement (Object Code Linking) Software OEM Agreement (Source Code Integration) Software Reseller Agreement (Reseller Downloads-Executed) Software Reseller Agreement (executed) Software Commission Agent Marketing Agreement Software Publishing Agreement (Executed) Software Publishing Agreement (Private Label) Web Content Reseller Agreement (Reseller Downloads-executed) Web Specialty Advertising-Reseller Agreement (Executed) Website Joint Marketing Agreement (Executed)

Guidance & Documents

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