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Web Model Release Agreement (Executed)

Secure Permissions with a Web Model Release Agreement

Supplemental Compliance Documents

This Web Model Release Agreement is a vital document for obtaining permission from models to use their names and likenesses for promotional purposes. Whether you are working with professional models or ordinary individuals, it is important to have a model release when using any photo or video of a recognizable person.

FTC Guardian provide two options within the agreement.

The first option is a blanket release that grants all rights, including rights of privacy and publicity for commercial use.

The second option is a limited release that can be customized to suit releases of limited scope based on your specific requirements.

Parties involved in the Web Model Release Agreement include:

Party No. 1, which represents the party seeking the model release, and 

Party No. 2, which represents the model granting the release.

By executing this agreement, you ensure that you have legal permission to use the model's name and likeness in your promotional materials.

Choose from a comprehensive collection of Intellectual Property Protection Documents to safeguard your creative assets while establishing proper procedures for obtaining model releases in accordance with legal requirements.

Join numerous service providers who have benefited from FTC Guardian's comprehensive approach to hosting agreements.

First Published on April 12th, 2018

Last Updated on November 28th, 2023

Supplemental Compliance Documents are only available to FTC Guardian Pro and Enterprise members.

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