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SaaS Agreement (Executed)

Secure Your SaaS Services with a Comprehensive SaaS Agreement (Executed)

Customer Agreements

A SaaS Agreement (Executed) provided by FTC Guardian is specifically designed for Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription licenses. This agreement is executed between the vendor and end user/customer, enabling the customer to access the software-generated service hosted on the vendor's web server using their browser. With periodic subscription license fees and options for pre-payment or guaranteed minimum periods, this agreement offers flexibility in payment arrangements.

From a software architecture perspective, SaaS refers to multiple users accessing a single software application instance over the internet through their browsers. FTC Guradian's comprehensive SaaS Agreement (Executed) goes beyond the Website Click-Wrapped Account/Membership/Subscription/Basic SaaS Agreement by providing more extensive terms and conditions. It is specifically tailored for relatively high-price transactions when licensing into corporate environments.

At FTC Guardian, they understand that different customers have varying preferences when it comes to contract execution methods. That's why their SaaS Agreement (Executed) offers both a "click-wrapped" format for online acceptance and a traditional pen-to-paper format for customers who prefer a review and negotiation process. The terms and conditions remain the same in both formats, ensuring consistency and clarity.

Please note that this agreement strikes a balance between comprehensive terms and flexibility in execution methods. If you require a more streamlined "click-wrapped" agreement, we recommend exploring our Website Click-Wrapped Account/Membership/Subscription/Basic SaaS Agreement. For even more comprehensive agreements tailored to specific needs, such as enterprise-level software development projects, our Master Software Development Contract is available.

Choose FTC Guardian's SaaS Agreement (Executed) to secure your SaaS services, establish clear terms with customers, and ensure smooth operations in licensing your software as a service.

The SaaS Agreement (Executed) is a comprehensive subscription license agreement for Software as a Service (SaaS). It is designed to be executed (signed) between the Vendor and the end user/Customer. This agreement is applicable when the end user/Customer accesses a software-generated service on the Vendor's web server using a browser.

Under this agreement, subscription license fees are payable periodically, with options for pre-payment or guaranteed minimum periods. It caters to high-price point transactions, particularly in corporate environments, where licensing into such environments requires a more comprehensive agreement.

From a software architecture perspective, SaaS typically involves multiple users/tenants accessing a single software application instance over the Internet using a browser. This agreement recognizes and addresses these dynamics by encompassing the necessary provisions for such usage scenarios.

Join numerous consultants who have benefited from FTC Guardian's comprehensive approach to consulting agreements.

Parties involved in this agreement are referred to as the Website Operator (the party with proprietary software delivering SaaS services) and the Customer (the end-user).

First Published on Apr 12th, 2018

Last Updated on November 21st, 2023

Customer Agreement Documents are only available to FTC Guardian Pro and Enterprise members.

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